Feb 28, 2012


Supreme Court has reprimanded the government for constantly changing its stands on Gay Sex issue. The government is appearing before the Supreme Court for an appeal against the decision of the Delhi High Court decriminalizing Sec. 377 of the Indian Penal Code saying that it is against the Indian traditions and society morals. Apparently homosexuality is not mentioned anywhere in the Vedas, Upanishads, Manusmriti etc, so it cannot be allowed. According to Ghulam Nabi Azad, it is a disease which has come from the developed countries.

 The list of people campaigning against the decriminalization of S.377 is long and heavy. It carries big names from the world of Politics and Religion. Names that, if determined, can change a lot many things in the society, law and order and such. But social causes do not garner media coverage or vote bank favours.

Notwithstanding incidents of road rage and goonda raj, the recent spurt of rape incidents are causing shock waves in the country. It is simply scary to walk on the streets. Anyone, just for the heck of it, can drag me away in car and share me with his friends and then dump me in some corn field. Moreover now that it has been established that being called “Sexy” is a compliment and harmless, anybody on the road can comment on my body, call it sexy and demand a thank you in return.

All I am trying to say is that these supposed upholders of Indian tradition, moral values and whatnot like the Opposition leaders, Ramdev Baba, Government Ministers, groups etc, should shift their attention to more important matters of law and order and societal discord. Why are they not doing anything to raise awareness, spread education, discourage violence and try and increase the morale of the people? How does it matter to the nation what two consenting adults are doing in their bedroom? Is Rape not a disease which needs to be cured?

It is hilarious to see the government come out and give a press statement that it does not have any stand on the S.377 issue! Why not come out and support the Noida Rape Victim? She is not only a rape victim now, but victim of our society and all of us need to apologise to her.

It is just sickening that when there are such burning issues that need immediate attention of our policy makers of the country they are busy meddling into bedrooms and ancient culture.

Simple question: If they are so concerned to maintain our culture and tradition then they should eliminate everything that is in violation of it. So since they don’t seem to raise their voice against rape, does that mean Rape is part of our culture? Is it written in the Vedas and Manusmriti that if a girl drinks vodka she should be raped? That if a married women goes to a pub she should be raped?

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