Mar 6, 2012

When will Indian Politicians ever evolve

The assembly elections results were declared today. Its SP again in Uttar Pradesh. All day long reading the breaking news online or watching the news on TV and then I read this article on CNN IBN. It is always the devil or the deep sea for Uttar Pradesh. All the agitations by the civil society led by Anna Hazare, Ramdev Baba and all don’t seem to have any impact on the politicians.  

A 12year old child is killed by a stray bullet fired at the victory celebrations of Samajwadi Party leader Iqbal Mahmood in Sambhal!! How can these kind of politicians ever govern a society and protect it when the society actually needs protection from them. It will not be long for a politician from Uttar Pradesh to reach the centre.

There are always extensive debates on how to eliminate this class of politicians, but the debate always revolves around in blog world amongst educated people who don’t need any more education. It is just so frustrating.

But I must confess, I got some weird satanic pleasure reading the article.. “ha ha! Achcha hua! One more reason for such politicians to be exposed!”. Its just sad that the kid who died must have been ‘bought’ there by the party to maybe throw flowers at the politician for some paltry amount. His family may never hear about him ever again, he is not even named or identified as yet. God only knows if he’ll ever get identified, if his parents will at the least get some compensation for the sheer arrogance of the politicians. Who knows if this incident will get any more media coverage other than this little blink-and-you-miss 2 para article. maybe the now victor SP leader may get it all hushed up. Maybe after some years the link will also will not work, all related material may have been deleted at the order of a 'leader'. Who know?

Wish that Idea ad on TV "25 lakh eye witnesses from YouTube" would actually work..

And writing about all this, sitting comfortably at home is making me feel guilty..

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