Mar 13, 2012

It's time to change

Its time to change, well I think the time to change has come and long gone. We are over due by a century for the change. Start to think what you want to change around you and one doesn’t need more than a second to start listing the endless issues that need our immediate attention and that have to be changed no matter what. Crimes against women, against people of different sexual orientation, against children, transsexuals the list is so long. I want the real world to become a mirror image of the blogging world. People are free to express their views; no politician can ever imagine interfering with this freedom and get away unscathed, women, men, children, transsexuals, homosexuals all alike are welcome to speak their mind with no fear of any kind of violence. Even if there is any disagreement or a grudge to settle it is all limited to repartee. There is no doubt that it is an utopian idea which can never be achieved but trying to get there may take us to place better than this present violent, chaotic and suffocating situation.

The change we require calls for a revolution. A revolution in every sphere of our society: in religion, education, societal perception, everything. Without a major revolution, minor bickerings and rantings will be of no use. The process of revolution calls for martyrs. Martyrs of every form. Women who revolt against the dowry system may have to cancel any plans of a married life, there might even be instances of lives being lost, people revolting for a more open minded society may have to become social outcasts, but in the end the supposed moral police of the society will give up and just accept the change at face of it.

I do not believe in sensitization of public towards an issue. Like the concept of reservation for minorities, sensitization calls for a primary classification and thereby segregation of the people & issues towards whom the public is being sensitized. When such classification and segregation happens then discrimination is bound to follow. There can never be ‘good’ classification and segregation. While being sensitized, people are fed with varieties of information detailing the weakness and the necessity for extra care and protection towards the persons which puts others in a special superior place as the givers of protection or the needs.

I think what is required is to desensitize people about issues. People need to stop observing others for weaknesses and start treating everyone as equals. Desensitization is the process by which the public are fed so much information regarding an issue and other co-related matter that they become numb towards it. Imagine a scene a man and a woman are walking in opposite directions and eventually pass each other. Sensitized man thinks “oh! There goes a girl. She has breasts which I must not touch. She has a vagina too which also I must not touch.” I do not see this as what we would want our society to become. This is definitely not our answer.

There is physical rape and a visual rape and any woman will tell you that both are equally demeaning and hurtful. If the above scenario happens all women would maybe be physically untouched but the mental trauma is still very much present. We will still constantly feel violated. What we need is desensitization of it. Now imagine the same scenario again only this time the desensitized man thinks “………………………………” Well, what is there to think? A woman passed by, so what? There is nothing to think about it. The way women are desensitized about men it is the best example there ever could be. When a man passes by a woman, she doesn’t think “Oh! A man. He has a penis”!!! At the most the woman might look at him but not exactly see him and nothing registers in her mind. That is what should be achieved.

Another good example of desensitization is of girls wearing jeans. Any girl wearing jeans pants would have raised eyebrows and would have become an outcast in our society some decades back. But due to the overt in your face bombardment of woman who wore jeans has led the society to become numb towards this attire. Today the jeans pant doesn’t register in anybody’s mind. Ask anybody if they remember what any particular girl was wearing and they will answer “don’t know, must be wearing some jeans and t-shirt.”.

We need to teach our children to learn to be scientific in their approach to life, accept women, people, sex etc as part of natural life and respect everyone as an individual. There is only so much the government can do but the real education has to come from the society itself. As long as mothers do not fight for their rights their children will not know the definition of respect. Of all this one can only conclude that we cannot pin point any one issue that requires change, all aspects of the society are interlinked and at the present situation only a cataclysmic revolution can rectify this society.

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  1. Absolutely agree. Desensitisation works the best, great example of how women are not even remotely thinking of a man's assets.
    If we want to curb the rape culture we need to desensitise a lot of mindsets. Keep writing.

  2. I totally agree with every word. Beautiful post! Promoted :)

  3. i totally agree n like each n evary word of it. beautiful thought n really well said.

  4. i totally agree n like each n evary word of it. beautiful thought n really well said.


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