Feb 22, 2013

Parodontax- disturbing commercial

I am very critical of advertisements. I try and find faults in them all the time. It’s fun, also I am anti-advertisement and brain washing. None of the previous adverts up until now, no matter how boring or ridiculous have they annoyed and disgusted me as the Toothpaste PARODONTAX commercial.

There are a couple of commercials around of the product. However  one of them is particularly disturbing. The commercial focuses on the wash basin and the narrating voice says “The difference between this and this..” This and This being different brushing spits!!!

I don’t care if they are good toothpaste, addressing oral healthcare, and they are not even commercializing and brain washing.  Every time it is on TV I cover my ears and shout out “La lala lalaa” so as to not hear them even spit! God forbid someday I will remember this ad while brushing teeth myself. I might end up puking my guts out. I don’t know how many more out there have had this kind of reaction to this commercial. 

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