I started this blog to share my view of politics and other stuff that affects our lives today. In short I was going to write about serious stuff. And i did write quite a few. However, in the past 3-4 years I have been in some kind of a limbo where I am hating everything and questioning the importance of everything that we do. Things that I have been told is important like politics, technology etc. I have always been a humanitarian and an environmentalist but of late only one question keeps nagging me - What the F**k am i doing?

Over the past 3-4 years especially after preparing for the civils exam for an entire year my view on whats important has changes and the things I once considered significant in life as taken a beating. I have begun to question everything. EVERYTHING. right now nothing makes sense including my degrees, my job and my life. Sadly I have not yet found answers to any of the questions so I continue to write about things that bug me, maybe it doesn't look that important anymore but the things that matter to me have changed, my view over a lot of things have changed.. politics or any super geeky math equation or some heavy philosophy don't matter to me anymore. They are just gimmicks by people in power just like religion.

Anyway, this is my blog, if you like my posts, Thank You :-), if not, buzz off.

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